Alexandria Constitution Edit

The territories acquired by the Birthday Army in October 25th, 2014- DO PROCLAIM that the territories of Republic Island, Alexandria Island, and Kolgrath Island, shall be controlled under an entity nation titled Alexandria. This nation shall be independent from the United States of America. 

Government Edit

The Government of Alexandria shall be divided into any number of government subsidies and sanctions ran by government officials, who each monitor, advise and head such aspects of daily life, although not to the level of a bureaucratic society. The Government should always be limited in its ability to control the aspects of human life on the island. However, the government also reserves its right to “off” any corrupted government official in any use of force necessary.

Alexandria Army Edit

The Alexandria Army shall be the government’s method of protecting its nation’s assets, territory and people. The army will serve strictly on a defensive basis, not for aggression or harassment of neighboring nations. The Alexandria Army shall not be on the government’s main priority list, as the army is not necessary for a small and peaceful nation, however, as a defensive show of force, the army needs to be present.

Military Bases Edit

The Alexandrian Army will only be allowed three military bases; each spread across the territories and conquered lands. The military’s equipment must be in relative uniformity. Each military base operates under one commander- and the subordinates below them. Each commander must ensure their base can stand an enemy invasion of any type, and their troops are prepared under most circumstances.           

Military Equipment Edit

The Military’s top general is allowed the decision of how each soldier’s standard issue equipment is to form- and he must ensure that each soldier’s equipment is prepared, functional, and adequate at all times, or when needed.

Military Ranks Edit

The military’s ranks are relatively simple, to avoid confusion and allow for a functional military that runs as smoothly as possible. The ranks are as follows- General of the army; Co-General of the army; Base commander; Private. The military must ensurethat the ranks are as balanced as possible to ensure a functioning military.

Military Uniform Edit

The military requires no uniform, so long as each soldier has a helmet and a form of heavy boot to allow for crossing the terrain easily. The color of green is strongly recommended for camouflage on the island, due to the wooded terrain. However, the army can change this regulation at any time.           

Military Business Edit

The Military must ensure each month that its soldiers have adequate equipment, uniform, and each military base is at functioning capacity, to ensure for a decent defense. Military commanders and co-commanders serve until they either step down, are ousted, or every year. The military can call at any time when a new leader is needed and they can vote on it.

The Armory Edit

The Alexandrian Armory will be a defensive building or area designated for storing weapons, military equipment and otherwise strategic objects or information vital to the Republic or any government official. The Armory shall be stored on a separate military base- or at a defendable or hidden position in the nation’s main territory. People given special permission by the government, or government employees themselves will be allowed clearance to the armory. The armory must always be protected or assured protected.

Armory Policy Edit

Although stated previously, the armory shall run business smoothly and not like a bunch of jackwagons. However, the Armory is also not a large priority.

Infrastructure Department Edit

The Department of Infrastructure will be in charge of building roads, bridges, government buildings, energy plants, and the houses of Alexandria. This Department is very high on the government’s priority list, as they are the frontline in the event of a crisis, natural disaster or invasion. The Infrastructure Department will be allowed caches in military installations and otherwise secure areas. This department can employ or draft as many people as needed to supply this nation with what they need.

Drafting Policy Edit

If the Infrastructure Department chooses to draft an individual, the Department must ensure that this individual is strong enough, and able to do the work needed for the department for the time being.

Equipment Policy Edit

The equipment, such as shovels, axes, picks, and drills, can be stored in the Armory, a local military base, or a government building. Monthly, the department must ensure that their equipment is action ready, and not inadequate for any work that may spring up.

Construction Policy Edit

The Department must ensure that its construction is not harmful towards the environment, or the destruction is minimalized, and that any object or entity they build is efficient to maximum potential. Repairs must also be efficient.

Internal Affairs Dept. Edit

The Internal Affairs Department assures that government corruption is minimalized, and that all government policies, sanctions, and subdivisions run as smoothly as possible. IA functions similar to the US’s FBI. They look into everyone to make sure that they don’t screw around. Internal Affairs has the right to investigate anyone, with a warrant approved by the head of the IA, or someone in the executive branch.

Labor Draft Department Edit

The Labor Draft Department drafts people for volunteer service in the government, for temporary times during heavy construction or a time of crisis. This department only has one employee, the labor divisor. This department works closely with infrastructure and internal affairs. The Divisor cannot force someone into work for biased reasons, cannot skip over a person for labor for biased reasons, and has to do work himself

Human Rights Edit

The Government promises human rights for all citizens of Alexandria who have not committed a crime, or do not abuse their rights. The rights listed are not privileges, but actual rights that cannot be taken away unless an individual is found convicted of a crime.

A Citizen’s Rights Edit

A Citizen has the right to any marriage, of any kind (except an animal) , the right to a fair trial, the right to fair and equal treatment, and the right to free speech. Treatment should not be overstated and should be kept as equal as the saying: “Treat Everyone the way you want to be treated.”'

Elections Edit

Elections will be ran every year. Individuals running for office must be placed on the Ballot by October 1st, the Ballot must be turned in by October 20th. The Winners will be determined by October 25th. Individuals may run for two terms in a row, and can run for a max of five terms in office. Presidents can only be elected twice, Generals three times, and Marshals four times. Sanction leaders can run for an infinite amount of terms. Government officials can vote, but not for themselves. If they do, their ballot is automatically voided. The Army or Internal Affairs, to thwart corruption, will safeguard election boxes. If the Alexandrian Army or Internal Affairs is found corrupting the results, the boxes will be handed over to the executive branch to handle.

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